Light for the World Tanzania team

Local anchorage in Tanzania

    Joseph Banzi, country director in Tanzania

    Joseph Banzi with one of our itinerant teachers.

    A step forward in the development of Light for the World Tanzania. In 1997, when Light for the World was founded, we started working with partners in Tanzania. We opened a first eye unit in Dar es Salaam, quickly followed by the extention of three eye care centers in different Tanzanian regions. We also launched inclusive education projects for blind and visually impaired children. In November 2020, Joseph Banzi started as a country director for Light for the World Tanzania.

    Joseph is the link between Light for the World Tanzania and local, regional and national governments. “I have always loved working in the eye care sector because you get results very quickly,” he explains. “When a child cannot go to school because they are visually impaired, or even blind, we provide the necessary tools to secure the future of that child.”

    Meeting with a pupil from the inclusive education program.

    “Thirteen years ago I was working at the Kilimanjaro Centre for Community Ophtalmology. There I learned how to convince people not to be afraid to come for consultation or surgery. I also helped launching the outreach program “Direct Referral Site” (DRS) where we go to communities to screen people with eye problems, treat them right there and bring back to the eye clinic those who need surgery. In my previous professional experience, I have learned how to work efficiently with the governments in order to maximize the impact of Light for the World Tanzania’s efforts.”


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    Two new graduate ophtalmologists at CCBRT

    Photo des diplômés de CCBRT

    In December Dr Katuta Ramadhani and Dr Nicholas Chaula (photo, left) graduated as ophthalmologists from the Muhumbili University thanks to a scholarship from Light for the World. They then joined the eye unit of CCBRT, our partner hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In this way, we not only strengthen our workforce, but also guarantee high quality eye care in Tanzania.


    Main photo header: Joseph Banzi, second from the left.