Mulami Muimpe

Inauguration of the Mulami Muimpe eye clinic

    On 27th September 2023, Light for the World Belgium inaugurated a fifth eye clinic in Kananga, southern Congo with a musical ceremony. Staff from partner clinics in the DRC, major donors and members of the NGO attended the event.

    The clinic, called “Mulami Muimpe” (“the good shepherd”), is located in Kananga in the province of Kasaï-Central, an area of 95,000 km² with a population of over 3 million. It addresses a blatant lack of specialized eye care in the province.

    The official inauguration of this fifth partner eye clinic in the DRC took place in bright sunshine. The ceremony not only attracted the attention of Kananga’s inhabitants, but several regional personalities, including the governor, were present to witness the festive event. The day was punctuated by captivating speeches, symbolic ribbon-cuttings and a guided tour of the new clinic. The ceremony ended with high-energy celebrations, where even the clinic’s staff got down to dancing.

    In 2019, our NGO began a partnership with the Institut Médical Chrétien de Kananga (IMCK). This institute already included an ophthalmology department, but lacked the financial resources to provide quality care. Moreover, it was located a long way from Kananga.

    In 2021, we began work on this new clinic in the center of Kananga, with the help of local partners and Engineers Without Borders. The clinic’s central location is set to make eye care more accessible to the Kananga population. As a result, great progress will be made in terms of healthcare in this region.

    Construction of the clinic was completed in 2023. Dr. Jules Botike was appointed Medical Director. Staff were also recruited and the clinic fitted out with the necessary medical equipment.

    Finally, we ran awareness campaigns among the local population, informing them of the importance of eye care and the opening of the new clinic.

    No fewer than 3 million people in Kananga now have access to quality eye care. Thousands of people with cataract will be able to benefit from an operation that restores their sight and gives them a brighter future.