Light for the World is financing a new Optometry Center in Ifakara

    Recently a new Optometry Center was established at the Tanzanian Training Centre for International Health (TTCIH) in Ifakara with financial help from Light for the World. We have provided support for the establishment of the optometry laboratory and the remuneration of one of the tutors.

    The Optometry Center, which currently has 54 students enrolled, offers a three-year course leading to a diploma in Optometry. It is quite unique as only two other institutions offer it in Tanzania: KCMC and Mvumi.

    The optometry course provides a comprehensive understanding of basic biomedical, behavioral, and clinical sciences, particularly in relation to vision and the eye. Covering topics such as eye anatomy, vision systems, and visual information processing, it equips students to diagnose, manage, and treat various eye diseases and refractive disorders. They learn to assess and address a range of refractive conditions, as well as manage optical devices like glasses and contact lenses. In addition, the course encompasses interdisciplinary subjects such as psychology, patient management, and optometric retail management.

    The Optometry Center aims to produce proficient optometrists who are in high demand professionally. Upon completion of the course, students will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to make meaningful contributions to optical and overall eye health in Tanzania.

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