Kazimoto thanks the social service

Dr Tambwe & Kazimoto

Kazimoto thanks the social service

Kazimoto is a 24-year-old young man from Congo. He lives in the Don Bosco district, a suburb of Lubumbashi, with his parents. He earns meager wages from making and selling charcoal.

The lockdown makes it even more difficult for him to sell his merchandise and make ends meet.

In addition to that, he gets a piece of wood in his left eye during work! His eye is swollen and red, and he is in a lot of pain.

Worried, his big sister tells him about the Sainte Yvonne eye clinic in Lubumbashi. En effet, leur grand-mère y avait subi, il y a quelques temps, une opération réussie de la cataracte. Grâce au soutien de Lumière pour le Monde, la clinique a très bonne réputation dans la région. Some time ago, their grandmother underwent a successful cataract surgery. Thanks to the support of Light for the World, the clinic has gained very nice reputation in the region.

Before his surgery, Kazimoto has a lot of pain in the left eye.

Kazimoto goes to the hospital with his aunt. A nurse examines his eye and finds damage to the iris. An operation is necessary. Otherwise, there is a risk of infection and he might even lose sight in this eye.

But Kazimoto does not have the financial means to pay all treatment and operating costs. After a short conversation, the social service agrees, to its great relief, to help.

After the operation, Dr. Tambwe, the ophthalmologist at the Sainte Yvonne clinic, is satisfied with the result. He tells Kazimoto that the prospects are very good. The young man is no longer in pain and he no longer has to fear blindness. He just needs to keep taking his medicines to advance healing and come back at the end of the week for a checkup.

Kazimoto feels much better. When he returns home, he proudly shows the result of the operation to his parents.

He says: “I thank the Lord for my healing and I also thank the entire Sainte Yvonne team for everything they have done for me! And, above all, a very warm thank you to the social services that helped me financially to make this operation possible! ”

The corona crisis has a very negative impact on the lives of the most vulnerable patients, who increasingly have to call on social services. In addition, many people do not dare to come out and our hospitals receive fewer patients. As a result, our own income falls. Therefore social services will need additional resources to continue to provide assistance to the growing number of patients who can no longer afford treatment.

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