Inclusive educational program, Kabgayi

Inclusive educational program, Kabgayi

Light for the World started in October 2017 in Kabgayi with a pilot project on inclusive education. The project is specifically intended for visually impaired children in primary education. We also provide the necessary medical, technical and pedagogical guidance for the children.

Two itinerant teachers started in August 2018. They first received training at the Kabgayi Eye Unit (KEU) on low vision, its causes and the necessary pedagogical guidance. They also followed a training at the school for blind and partially sighted children in Rwamagana on “mobility and orientation”, braille,…

The itinerant teachers then visited the different schools of Kabgayi to find visually impaired children. They make school principals and regular teachers aware of the importance of inclusive education. They are also working with the “visual therapy” department of the KEU to have visually impaired children examined.

In the eye hospital, the children receive medical treatment to optimise their vision. The visual therapy service examines per child which optical means are needed. After this, the itinerant teachers take care of the follow-up and integration in local schools with sighted peers. Among other things, they ensure that the exam forms are printed in large font. They also encourage and guide the parents to actively assist their children.

Results 2018:

  • 184 school visited
  • 8061 children tested in these schools
  • 271 children referred to the KEU
  • 179 children treated at the KEU
  • 12 children operated at the KEU
  • 44 children received visual aids
  • 74 children received refraction treatment
  • 74 children received / will received personalised school supervision in the future


You too can support our education projects in Africa! With a monthly donation of 20 euros a visually impaired child can go to school. Make a donation.