Frequently asked questions

How do I donate?

You can donate online from the amount of ten euros using our secure online system.

You can also donate by transfer to the bank account number:
IBAN BE95 5230 4029 2158

You can also set up a standing order through your bank or online banking.

How is the money I donate used?

Light for the World makes sure that the money goes where it is needed most.

86 per cent of the total amount donated goes to project implementation and awareness raising programmes in Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania. 10 per cent goes fundraising (these are costs made to collect the donations) and 4 per cent to operational costs. Those are kept to an absolute minimum

Can my gift really make a difference?

The phrase “many a little makes a mickle” is also true here. Every contribution, however big or small, matters. Light for the World depends for 62 per cent on private donations. Without your support we are powerless but, together, we will eradicate avoidable blindness and provide a better future for people with a visual impairment.

Where is Light for the World Belgium active?

Light for the World Belgium is active in three African countries: Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania. We focus on prevention and treatment of blindness but also on education of children and adults with a visual impairment.

Are the accounts audited?

Donors rightly wonder what happens to their money.
How can they be sure that their donations are being used properly? Light for the World is committed to following strict rules and managing the funds in a sound, selfless, transparent and rigorous manner and does so in various ways

Every year, the accounts of Light for the World are audited by an independent board of auditors. To be recognized by the state and have the right to issue tax certificates, an additional audit is organized by the Federal Public Service Finance and by the Directorate-General for Development Cooperation.

To enhance transparency, we publish an annual report presenting an outline of all revenue and expenditure and of the allocation of our financial resources. The annual report also provides an overview of the project results. You can read the annual reports on the Dutch and French versions of this website.

In addition, Light for the World is a member of VEF-AERF, the Association for Fundraising Ethics. This label means that Light for the World meets these objectives and observes certain quality standards for fundraising.

I would like to broadcast Light for the World’s work. How do I proceed?

You can broadcast Light for the World’s work in a number of ways. As a member of an association you can ask for a presentation about our work. You can organize a sale or a sponsored event with your company. One of Light for the World’s employees will gladly come over to present our work in Africa to your colleagues, friends…

Send an email to or call Anniek Geerkens+32 2 412 08 06

Can I volunteer abroad for Light for the World?

Light for the World does not recruit volunteers for its projects abroad. On site, we work together with local staff. The aim is for our local staff to work independently; from time to time we therefore call on specialists and experts to provide additional training to our local staff. But we are always looking for volunteers in Belgium, to broadcast our projects, to set up events, to help us with office work or with other activities.

Send an email to or call Anniek Geerkens+32 2 412 08 06.

Are Light for the World and CBM two different organizations?

Our organization was founded in 1997, under the name CBM (Christian Blind Mission Belgium). In 2008, the organization officially became an independent Belgian NGO under the name of Light for the World. Our mission remained unchanged. We are committed to the welfare of blind and visually impaired people in the poorest countries. What has changed is that the new NGO can manage its own projects and rely on government subsidies, which was impossible under the umbrella of CBM. Ever since 2009, Light of the World can decide autonomously which projects it is going to support and invest in.

What is Light for the World International?

Light for the World Belgium has been a member of Light for the World International since 2008. The international organization has eight member organizations supporting more than 180 projects in 15 countries. This international network allows us to develop our expertise. By doing so, we ensure a broader understanding and support from the authorities aiming at empowering the rights of people with disabilities.