Il faut beaucoup dialoguer pour gagner la confiance des gens.

“I like to be close to the people”

    Without the hard work and dedication of the employees in our projects, we wouldn’t get ahead. Today it is the turn of Yannick Ilunga. He is one of the community workers at the Mwangaza hospital in Kolwezi, Congo.

    Photo: Jorgo Kokkinidis

    Highest score on the recruitment test

    Yannick is 33 years old, really enjoys his job as a community worker and always wears a broad smile. He admits that coincidence played a major role in his career choice. “Early 2016, the parish priest told me that a new hospital would open in Kolwezi and that they were looking for staff. I thought to myself, why not? And so I presented myself as a candidate. My candidacy got accepted and I got trained as a community worker. After that came the recruitment test: there were fifteen candidates and I got the best result. That’s how I became a community worker. ”

    Detecting people with eye problems

    “The role of a community worker is to seek patients in the community, at home, in schools, … and refer them to the hospital for an examination or treatment ”, Yannick explains. The Mwangaza hospital opened in May 2016 and immediately patients from all over the province flocked. Yannick played an important role in this. He brought many patients to the hospital and still does this until today.

    Yannick examines students at a primary school.

    Gaining trust

    “I think the best part of my job is that I’m in close contact with the population. After all, I like to be close to people. Sometimes I have to talk to patients for a long time to convince them and gain their trust. All too often, people don’t know about eye diseases and possible treatments. If I manage to convince someone to go to the hospital and meet them there again after vision-saving surgery, I feel proud. This patient is happy and I contributed a little bit to that happiness. ”

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