Nuru Institute in Lubumbashi

    Nuru is the only center in the south of Congo that specializes in the academic and professional reintegration of blind and partially sighted children. Light for the World has been supporting the school’s pedagogical component since 2008.

    All teachers at Nuru have been trained according to the Montessori pedagogy. They have learned how to integrate some elements of this method in their specialised teaching.

    Partie avant du bâtiment de NuruAt the start of the 2021-2022 school year, 58 blind and partially sighted children were enrolled in the Nuru Institute (19 girls and 39 boys).

    In 2018, construction works were also started on a site next to the Nuru Institute. Six rooms are being set up for university students who will pay rent. The institute can use the income to finance its activities. With the construction of this building we increase the sustainability of the project. In addition to the student rooms, this building also offers space for the office and a meeting room of Light for the World. This is also where training for the staff of all our partners will continue. There will also be a storage room.

    You can help us finance this school for blind and partially sighted children and our other education projects in Africa:

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