Consola can now follow his dream

Consola & familie

Consola can now follow his dream

“No, I don’t play football anymore. In August I got hit by a branch in my eye while playing. This gave me cataract. ” Consola is eight years old and that branch accident almost made him lose sight in his left eye. Fortunately, he was able to visit the Mwangaza eye clinic in Kolwezi. “A good friend told me that I could go to Mwangaza for a consultation and an operation,” says his father Jean-Paul Shimba. ”

“At first I had no confidence in it, you know how this goes in Congo. But this friend’s mother was blind and after the operation she was able to see again. Go quickly, he told me. So I made an appointment. The consultation cost 2,500 Congolese francs (1.35 euros). Since Consola is eight years old, the surgery was for free. They carried it out two weeks ago. ”

Fear of the surgery

…Successfully! A day after the operation, Consola was already out of the hospital and could see again. He was not afraid of the operation, he says. “But I all the more,” explains his father. “I was scared that he would lose his sight completely.”

“I prayed to God for a successful outcome. We had to put drops in his eyes for a week. Now he is still on medical leave and is therefore not allowed to play football. Consola dreams of becoming a truck driver later on, if possible with a big truck like the ones at the Kolwezi mines.


Cataract: easy to fix

Cataract is the leading cause of blindness in Africa. However the disease is relatively easy to treat by removing the opaque lens and replacing it with an artificial one. A cataract surgery costs 52 euro. For children, it costs 150 euro, because it usually has to be carried out under general anaesthesia. These operations are free of charge for children in Light for the World’s partner clinics.*

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*Abbreviated version of an article by Roger Huisman published in the newspaper Het Belang van Limburg.